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St. Luke's Kenosha      Koine - The Church Band
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About Tracy Fedke
Tracy grew up all over the United States.  From Florida to Nebraska to South Dakota to Minnesota to Wisconsin, one thing has stayed the same - her love for music.  Already a veteran of writing and recording, including 6 years as a music teacher, Tracy has finally found the time to record her first solo album.  Her smooth, tender voice and her curious ability to present the emotions of God's Word in simple, warm lyrics have bound thirteen tracks together into a single, amazing achievement.  Pitch-perfect yet humbly presented, "Child at Home" walks a path between the master craft of yesteryear's hymns and the accessibility of today's Contemporary Christian music.  Enjoy the samples, download the free track and don't be afraid to write if you have something to say!
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The new album - Child at Home
"Child at Home" is made up of classic hymns with modern settings intertwined with Tracy's own original compositions.  Joining her on backup vocals on a few tracks are her sister Cindy Lemke, and also the St. Luke's Children's Choir from Kenosha, Wisconsin.  Tracy has recorded previously with Rachel Aderman in the duet Deo, and also with "The Church Band" Koine, on their latest album "Gesangbuch".  Thank you to Koine for their support and also the Stevens family for their help with the album cover!